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Fortress of S.Francisco do Penedo

Province: Luanda (North of the Country)


In the XVII Century, by order of the King of Spain, Filipe the III was created a Commission to study how to fortify Luanda. One of the expected buildings to protect the city of Luanda, was the Fortress of Penedo. So, the Fortress would come to guarantee the safety of European occupation, giving resistance to the network of the traffic of the slaves, who were sent to America, from the harbour of Luanda.

The Fortress of Penedo was, since its first building, one of the keys of the Luanda harbour protection. And secretly it cantoned the slaves and assured their sending to the lands of "New World" (America).

The new fortress was built between 1765 and 1766, and was also used as Prison of the Portuguese Political Police.

This Fortress is badly preserved due to its age and its activity as a Prison. The responsibility for its conservation and preservation concerns the Ministry of Culture



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