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Fortress of Kambambe

Province: Kwanza - Norte (North of the Country)

The Fortress of "Kambarnbe" built in 1604, is placed in Kambambe, Province of Kwanza Norte.

This Fortress, like others, was a point of support to the conquest and penetration in angolan territory trough the Kwanza River. The occupation of Kambambe cost very much to the portugueses, on account of the resistance offered by the natives to the foreign authority.

Besides materializing the portuguese armed presence, it was used as a storage of goods and prisoners arising from the factories that were waiting by the embarkment to America.

Kambambe was an important Center of illegal actions and slave - trade, so, the portugueses organized attacks to the nearest villages, in order to obtain a bigger number of slaves.

The Fortress of Kambambe was classified as National Monument by the Provincial Decret n. 67, 30 of May of 1925.

Actually, it fell into ruins and constitute a state property. The responsibility for its maintenance and preservation concerns the Ministry of Culture.


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